Where is the diversity in our outdoor organizations and the natural spaces they manage?

Where is the diversity?

It is no longer enough for organizations to speak on the lack of diversity within their organizations, if there isn’t any action behind their words, they are only pacifying the public.

For far too long we have asked for organizations that deal with our public lands, their thoughts and plans on diversifying not only their internal staff, but bringing a more diverse face to their managed outdoor spaces. We have received the same responses, but very little action towards changing it. The time is now. Let not your words be your message, but rather your action.

This country HAS changed in the face that now is the MAJORITY. If those new faces are not represented in the conversation on conservation, we shall only fall further behind in the necessary work to change the direction the current tide is taken, in environmental turmoil.

It has been said that if there is not a line budget item in place with these major environmental agencies, they really don’t have a plan in place. I agree with this. In this country it takes money to bring about lasting change, but I also know that the power that individuals possess can add pressure for these line budget items to be put into place.

If those of us who truly care about the environment are being true to our causes, we will stand and demand that governmental agencies and non-government agencies alike, ACT now, not when it’s more convenient for them to do so.

Mt  Tam.


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