Defend Our Monuments Day of Action

My Project 6-001What will you DO to defend our national monuments currently under attack by the Trump administration, under the Presidents Executive Order ? As for me, I’m calling for a day of action in support of our sacred places. It takes more than an online campaign, more than writing Op-Eds and more than sending messages to your congressmen and women, it takes physical action. So on June 3rd I’m asking people across the country to get out in to a national monument as a show of support for not just the Monuments under Review , but in support of all our national treasures.

Please note that while the EO says that the review will only cover sites 100K acres or larger, there is this clause that immediately follows: “…or where the Secretary determines that the designation or expansion was made without adequate public outreach and coordination with relevant stakeholders…” That phrasing leaves the door open on every monument since 1996.

This day of action is not a protest nor a rally, but simply a way for the American people to send a clear message to the administration…rescinding any of our monuments will not happen without a fight from us all.

As a country, we cannot sit idly by and allow these proposed actions to take effect. We stand to lose much in the way of protected public spaces, spaces that took years to acquire. It took even longer to document the history of these areas and to prove their importance. It is no secret that this country has a record of denying history, and this attack on our monuments is no different. Most of the monuments on the list for review tell a story from the perspective of Native Americans, African Americans, and Latino Americans. They document the history of civil rights and civil unrest in this country, and to do away with any of them would be a slap in the face of all of who came before us. Too many fought for too long to ensure environmental protections, civil rights, and historical facts were preserved; we cannot give up now.

It will not be on my watch that these places are taken away without a fight through the courts, through civil protest or various other tactics. We must resist the current sitting president and administration, who wish to see these ancestral lands sold off to the highest bidders. The damage the president is proposing by undoing the protections currently in place for these designated monuments would be permanent and devastating. Time is not on our side.

So join me, the Next100 Coalition and various other community organizers and individuals as we venture out to national monuments to learn the history these places hold and to stand united in saying, no, not this time. And not ever.


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